Opening of Bank Accounts

Assistance with opening bank accounts

Based on our years of experience and the relationships we have established with various financial institutions globally we can help you to determine the one which is most suitable for your particular needs and assist you with the process of opening a bank account.

Despite what you may see portrayed in mainstream media, opening a bank account in a reputable international financial services jurisdiction can have significant advantages including asset protection, currency diversification, enhanced banking privacy laws and access to higher interest rates.  In addition , the range of products available such as internet banking, checking accounts, corporate and personal savings accounts, corporate and personal debit and credit cards and multi-currency accounts as well as the level of customer service provided is often superior to what is available with onshore bank accounts.

Whether you need a bank account through which to transact business for you newly formed or already existing Business Company or for your own individual purposes please contact us and we will be pleased to assist

The following information is typically required during the account opening process and failure to provide any of the listed information may lead to delays.

  • Completion of an application form which requires details of the name, address and other particulars of the person(s) setting up the account
  • Government approved picture identification for each relevant individual
  • The signatures of the individuals who are the authorized signatories
  • Personal bank references for directors / signatories
  • Corporate bank references for existing companies
  • Execution of banking resolution(s) which establish the protocols for the operation of the account. Declaration of the Source of incomes used to open the account
  • Declaration of the purpose for opening the bank account
  • Documentation of expected transaction / activity / balance profile for operation on the account